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Sexy Beast (2000)

Sexy Beast (2000)

There's a bit of the beast in all of us.

Gary is a former gangster who has made a modest amount of money from his criminal career. Happy to put his life of crime behind him, he has retired with his wife Deedee to the sunny bliss of rural Spain, where he lives an idyllic life with his family and a few close friends. But Gary's contentment is ruptured by an unwelcome visitor from his past. Don.

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    I recently watched a clip from this movie, and it feels like a fun movie. Many thanks very much for posting!

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    Recommended watch movie. 10/10.

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    thanks a ton sooooo much for uploading this!!!!!

Ray Winstone Ray Winstone
as Gary „Gal“ Dove
Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley
as Don Logan
Ian McShane Ian McShane
as Teddy Bass
Amanda Redman Amanda Redman
as Deedee Dove
James Fox James Fox
as Harry
Cavan Kendall Cavan Kendall
as Aitch
Julianne White Julianne White
as Jackie
Álvaro Monje Álvaro Monje
as Enrique
Gérard Barray Gérard Barray
as Spanish Official
Robert Atiko Robert Atiko
as Andy
Desirée Erasmus Desirée Erasmus
as Jean
Nieves del Amo Oruet Nieves del Amo Oruet
as Air Hostess
Terence Plummer Terence Plummer
as Mike
Eddie O'Connell Eddie O'Connell
as Bruno
Chris Webb Chris Webb
as Nicky
Jeremy Thomas Jeremy Thomas
Jonathan Glazer Jonathan Glazer
Louis Mellis Louis Mellis
David Scinto David Scinto
Ivan Bird Ivan Bird
Director of Photography
John Scott John Scott
Sam Sneade Sam Sneade
Lucy Boulting Lucy Boulting
Hercules Bellville Hercules Bellville
Associate Producer
Denise O'Dell Denise O'Dell
Peter Watson Peter Watson
Associate Producer