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Air & Api (Si Jago Merah 2) (2015)

Air & Api (Si Jago Merah 2) (2015)

After saving the nursing home of a bomb threat, Gito (Deddy Mahendra Desta) and Rojak (Judith Sitohang) acquainted with Abdur (Abdur Arsyad). A year later, they meet again when they get the task to coach new firefighters, under the command of Commander Dicky (Bucek). Among the new candidates, there are three that stand out: Radit, Dipo, and Sisi. They have different backgrounds. Radit (Tarra Budiman), Dicky's nephew, is forced by his father to become firefighter because he lacks responsibility, family's troublemaker, and always doing mischief. Sisi (Enzy Storia) since her kid aspires to be firefigther like his late father. Dipo (Dion Wiyoko), child of a well known entrepreneur, who have high social life, is obsesed to help people. Secretly Dipo signs up, against the will of his father (Ferry Salim), who wants him to become businessman.

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Deddy Mahendra Desta Deddy Mahendra Desta
as Gito
Dion Wiyoko Dion Wiyoko
as Dipo
Enzy Storia Enzy Storia
as Sisi
Judika Sihotang Judika Sihotang
as Rojak
Abdur Arsyad Abdur Arsyad
as Abdur
D. J. Una D. J. Una
as Tisha
Bucek Depp Bucek Depp
as Komandan Dicky
Raymond Handaya Raymond Handaya
Chand Parwez Servia Chand Parwez Servia
Fiaz Servia Fiaz Servia
Raymond Handaya Raymond Handaya
Hilman Mutasi Hilman Mutasi
Away Martianto Away Martianto