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The Mutilator (1985)

The Mutilator (1985)

As a child, Ed was cleaning his father's hunting rifles for as part of a surprise birthday treat for his old man when one firearm accidentally discharges fatally striking his own mother in the back. His father, Jack Sr came home, saw his wife dead, and blaming his own offspring tried to commit infanticide before Ed managed to escape his father's murderous antics. Leaving his old man to sleep into mournful psychosis as he began pouring whiskey down his slain wife's throat. Ed now in his teens returns back to his family home, his dad long since supposedly vanished...only he hasn't and has been waiting for a chance to even the score with his kid...right about...now

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Matt Mitler Matt Mitler
as Ed Jr.
Ruth Martinez Ruth Martinez
as Pam
Bill Hitchcock Bill Hitchcock
as Ralph
Connie Rogers Connie Rogers
as Sue
Frances Raines Frances Raines
as Linda
Morey Lampley Morey Lampley
as Mike
Jack Chatham Jack Chatham
as Big Ed
Ben Moore Ben Moore
as Cop
Trace Cooper Trace Cooper
as Younger Ed Jr.
Pamela Weddle Cooper Pamela Weddle Cooper
as Mother
Jimmy Guthrie Jimmy Guthrie
as Bartender
Buddy Cooper Buddy Cooper
Buddy Cooper Buddy Cooper
Buddy Cooper Buddy Cooper
Neil B. Whitford Neil B. Whitford
Associate Producer
Michael Molina Minard Michael Molina Minard
Original Music Composer
Peter Schnall Peter Schnall
Director of Photography
Stephen Mack Stephen Mack
Mark Shostrom Mark Shostrom
Makeup Effects
Anthony Showe Anthony Showe
Makeup Effects