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Philadelphia (1993)

Philadelphia (1993)

No one would take on his case... until one man was willing to take on the system.

No one would take his case until one man was willing to take on the system. Two competing lawyers join forces to sue a prestigious law firm for AIDS discrimination. As their unlikely friendship develops their courage overcomes the prejudice and corruption of their powerful adversaries.

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  • Olin Overfield says :

    I merely watched a clip of this movie, and needs to be an exciting movie. Thanks a ton so much for posting!

  • Jong Jhonson says :

    Now finished watching the movie. Thanks a whole lot for uploading this!

  • Dalia Daniel says :

    omg I wanted this movie! Thanks for sharing!

  • Denise Dilbeck says :

    A tad slow at the start but worth the watch.

  • Hortencia Hemond says :

    It looks like that for this sort of movie you should appreciate the visual effects

Tom Hanks Tom Hanks
as Andrew Beckett
Denzel Washington Denzel Washington
as Joe Mille
Jason Robards Jason Robards
as Charles Wheeler
Mary Steenburgen Mary Steenburgen
as Belinda Conine
Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas
as Miguel Alvarez
Ron Vawter Ron Vawter
as Bob Seidman
Robert Ridgely Robert Ridgely
as Walter Kenton
Charles Napier Charles Napier
as Judge Garnett
Lisa Summerour Lisa Summerour
as Lisa Miller
Obba Babatundé Obba Babatundé
as Jerome Green
Andre B. Blake Andre B. Blake
as Young Man in Pharmacy
Robert W. Castle Robert W. Castle
as Bud Beckett
Daniel Chapman Daniel Chapman
as Clinic Storyteller
Roger Corman Roger Corman
as Mr. Laird
Ann Dowd Ann Dowd
as Jill Beckett
David Drake David Drake
as Bruno
Karen Finley Karen Finley
as Dr. Gillman
Charles Glenn Charles Glenn
as Kenneth Killcoyne
Peter Jacobs Peter Jacobs
as Peter / Mona Lisa
Paul Lazar Paul Lazar
as Dr. Klenstein
John Bedford Lloyd John Bedford Lloyd
as Matt Beckett
Roberta Maxwell Roberta Maxwell
as Judge Tate
Warren Miller Warren Miller
as Mr. Finley
Harry Northup Harry Northup
as Juror
Dan Olmstead Dan Olmstead
as Randy Beckett
Joey Perillo Joey Perillo
as Filko
Lauren Roselli Lauren Roselli
as Iris
Anna Deavere Smith Anna Deavere Smith
as Anthea Burton
Lisa Talerico Lisa Talerico
as Shelby
Daniel von Bargen Daniel von Bargen
as Jury Foreman
Tracey Walter Tracey Walter
as Librarian
Bradley Whitford Bradley Whitford
as Jamey Collins
Chandra Wilson Chandra Wilson
as Chandra
Kathryn Witt Kathryn Witt
as Melissa Benedict
Joanne Woodward Joanne Woodward
as Sarah Beckett
Buzz Kilman Buzz Kilman
as Crutches
Mark Sorensen Jr. Mark Sorensen Jr.
as Clinic Patient
Jeffrey Williamson Jeffrey Williamson
as Tyrone
Stephanie Roth Haberle Stephanie Roth Haberle
as Rachel Smilow
Bill Rowe Bill Rowe
as Dr. Armbruster
Ford Wheeler Ford Wheeler
as Alan
Julius Erving Julius Erving
as Himself
Adam LeFevre Adam LeFevre
as Jill's Husband
Gary Goetzman Gary Goetzman
as Guido Paonessa
Kenneth Utt Kenneth Utt
as Juror
Lawrence T. Wrentz Lawrence T. Wrentz
as Juror
Charles Techman Charles Techman
as Ralph Peterson
Jim Roche Jim Roche
as Not Adam and Steve
Tony Fitzpatrick Tony Fitzpatrick
as Bartender
Gene Borkan Gene Borkan
as Bailiff
Q. Lazzarus Q. Lazzarus
as Party singer
Lucas Platt Lucas Platt
as Robert
José Castillo José Castillo
as Miguel's Dad
Roy Blount, Jr. Roy Blount, Jr.
as Partygoer (uncredited)
Bob Bowersox Bob Bowersox
as PR Director (uncredited)
Quentin Crisp Quentin Crisp
as Guest at Party (uncredited)
Tom Detrik Tom Detrik
as Reporter (uncredited)
Tony Devon Tony Devon
as Security Guard (uncredited)
Tak Fujimoto Tak Fujimoto
as Doctor (uncredited)
Jaime Gomez Jaime Gomez
as Guy in Library (uncredited)
Ana Leza Ana Leza
as Guest (uncredited)
Jonathan Demme Jonathan Demme
Ron Nyswaner Ron Nyswaner
Ronald M. Bozman Ronald M. Bozman
Executive Producer
Jonathan Demme Jonathan Demme
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